Current Guaranteed Fixed Annuity Rates

We provide fixed and indexed annuities from more than 50 insurance companies.  And, we are experts at helping our agents and clients find the perfect annuity for every situation, whether it's accumulation that's needed or income.  If you are interested in learning more about any of these rates, please contact us at (704) 522-9228, option 1.  (Fixed annuity rates are subject to change.)
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1-year:     1.65%
2-years:    3.10%
3-years:    3.10%
4-years:    3.15%
5-years:    4.00%
6-years:    4.12%
7-years:    4.19%
8-years:    3.55%
9-years:    3.75%
10-years:   4.30%