Current Guaranteed Fixed Annuity Rates

Fixed annuity rates are always on the move.  With access to 100+ carriers, Adams-Moore,  LLC is on top of the nation's best rates at all times.  We are experts at helping our agents and clients find the perfect annuity for every situation, whether it's for long-term accumulation, short-term liquidity needs, or lifetime income.  If you are interested in learning more about any of these rates, please contact us at (704) 522-9228,  opt. 1.

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Highest guaranteed rates as of 6/26/2020:

2-years:    2.30% to age 90
3-years:    3.00% to age 90
4-years:    3.05% to age 100
5-years:    3.80% to age 90
6-years:    4.25% first year, 3.25% years 2-6 to age 90
7-years:    3.45% to age 90
10-years:   3.55% to age 90
(Rates above are subject to change without much notice.)

Want to earn even more interest?  Ask us about indexed annuities.  Guarantee of principal, guaranteed death benefit, potentially higher returns linked to external indices, no risk, cumulative liquidity up to 30% of your account value, access for home health care, terminal illness or nursing home confinement, and double income if confined.  Excellent products for anyone up to age 90.  Ask us about one of our best annuities with a guaranteed rate of 12.10% first year and 30% liquidity.  Call 704-522-9228, option 1 today!

Rates above are as of 5/4/2020.  Rates are subject to change and all products are not approved in all states.